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“You have put together one of the best formats for LSM programs I have seen and I have been reading and researching LSM for more than 20 years.”

Togo’s Sandwiches

"As with so many presentations, the obvious opportunities to be a true partner are right in front of us but we miss them until someone presents them to us effectively. You managed to do just that with your energy, real life examples and very specific direction available in Recipes for Restaurateurs, your presentation hit it out of the park. Thank you for giving [US FOODS] the yet another “tool” to introduce to our valued partners."

Michael J. Cala, Director of Marketing, U.S. Foodservice of San Francisco

"The concepts and ideas that you have presented in "Recipes for Restaurateurs" are probably the most important ingredients for a successful restaurant operation. I wholeheartedly recommend it as required reading for Restaurateurs, Culinary Professionals and Culinary Students."

Mr. Ferdinand Metz, President Emeritus of The Culinary Institute of America, Certified Master Chef, Past President World Association of Chef Societies, James

"I am finding your book very useful in annual planning."

Becky Ann Hughes, Director of Marketing

Black Angus Steakhouse

“This book is a comprehensive restaurant business resource that operators will find very relevant. It is very well-organized in a reader-friendly recipe format.”

Patricia Cobe, Senior Editor,

Restaurant Business Magazine

“Linda Duke has been cookin’ up restaurant marketing programs for many years and has thoughtfully refined her list of ingredients for attracting and satisfying consumers and giving the media something to chew on. How well does she understand the restaurant industry? Well enough to realize that busy single and multi-unit operators or their harried staff will benefit more from a ‘recipe’ type format for her marketing tips, tricks and techniques, than from the grand essays she could pen if she wanted to based on two decades in the brand, sales and loyalty building business.”

Alan J. Liddle, Managing Editor of conferences & special projects, Nation’s Restaurant News

“I like the way you’ve set the book up — it really does look like a cookbook. It’s easy to read and comprehend, and yet it has real, solid information for marketers. It seems to me that the recipes would be of particular interest to restaurant operators who have only dabbled in marketing because they didn’t really know how to go about doing it. Independent restaurant operators just starting out would benefit as well. And this also educates those operators who think marketing consists only of TV advertising. Good job!”

Gregg Cebrzynski, Marketing Editor,

Nation’s Restaurant News

“Recipes for Restaurateurs” is a comprehensive, easy to follow book of effective marketing strategies for restaurants of all sizes and types.  It is a great tool for any restaurateur.”

G. Bric Haley, Chairman,

California Restaurant Association

“My Advice? Practice what ever she preaches! Linda has an amazing ability to deliver powerful and applicable ideas to boost any restaurateurs business!  Recipes for Restaurateurs is your real time resource for real time success.”

Ron Mathews, Vice President, Reed Exhibition Companies, Restaurant and Foodservice Events

“Recipes for Restaurateurs is an essential operational guidebook for restaurant operators looking for the perfect mix of brand recognition and marketing tips and tools. No longer is it good enough to just have good food. Operators today must also have brand power in order to keep customers walking through their doors.”

Valerie Killifer, Senior Editor, Food Services Division, Networld Alliance, Fast Casual Magazine, QSR Web and

“Linda’s book offers great recipes for the novice “cook” but is also a great tool for those who have been working in the marketing kitchen for years.  Not only does it provide some great practical examples, it prompts ideas for new tactics to consider.”

Ed Frechette, SVP Marketing/Owner, Au Bon Pain

"Recipes for Restaurateurs is a must-have resource for restaurant owners and operators seeking new and innovative ways to either begin or refresh their marketing success strategies. In this "cookbook style" format, restaurateurs, chefs, and independent operators alike can use Linda Duke's proven "recipes" for success as a guideline to increase their business!"

John Abels, Manager, Education & Culinary Programs, National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show

“If there were a Master Chef for Restaurant Marketing, Linda Duke would be it!  Like most Master Chef’s, we can’t wait for their recipe book of trade secrets to be published.  It’s here!  What are you waiting for?  Start cooking! “

Ty Sullivan, Director of Marketing, Café Metro NYC

“It can be overwhelming to think of all the many ways in which we can reach our guests and communicate with them: from paid advertising, pr, community events, e-mail blasts. Recipes for Restaurateurs gives you a great start point to begin putting the ingredients together and ensure that you’re always reinforcing your brand positioning – whether you’re increasing sales, attracting new guests or creating a special event.”

Aaron Noveshen, President of Pacific Catch Restaurants and Founder of The Culinary Edge

“Recipes for Restaurateurs provides easy to follow recipes which can be effectively used a la carte to increase revenues.  But, to dish up the most impactful menu of marketing programs, aspiring chefs are best served by artfully combining all of Linda Duke’s recipes to create the ultimate culinary experience!”

Larry Rusinko, Senior Vice President Marketing & Product Development, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill

  “Linda Duke is full of personality and energy like no other. She’s the hot sauce on your fish taco. No book can fully capture her dynamic qualities as she personally can, but if you can’t hire her, then her book is the next best thing”.

Ralph Rubio, Co-Founder and Chairman,

Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc.

"Recipes for Restaurateurs" is an important tool for all restaurants looking to stay competitive in the tough food service world. Important "to do's" for starting strong, and staying healthy are clearly enumerated. Linda’s years of experience shine through!”

Noah Alper, Founder, original Noah’s Bagels.

“'Recipes for Restaurateurs' is a practical 'how to guide' designed for both seasoned professionals or first time operators looking to grow sales, increase their customer base, and enhance their brand's overall value.  This book is well thought out and written in an easy to follow format with case studies and proven sales building programs.   Our franchisees will truly benefit from implementing and following many of its recipes and instructions.”

Craig Dunway, CEO, Penn Station East Coast Subs

Linda Duke's new book "Recipe for Restaurateurs" is a timely, step-by-step guide that provides specific "recipes" that will increase your restaurant's bottom line. The book is a great testament to Linda's creativity and longevity in the restaurant industry and is a must-read in today's tough operating environment. All our franchisees will receive a copy of Linda's "recipes" at the end of our training program!

Melanie Farkas, Founder and CEO, Churro Station, LLC

“We purchased Recipes for Restaurateurs in August 2008 when it first came out,” said Melanie Farkas, CEO of Churro Station franchises. “Three of our franchisees used the recipes in Duke’s book for their grand opening, fundraisers, initial local store marketing plan and in less than six months, we are seeing sales increases,” she continued. “Instead of struggling to stay ahead in this tough economy, all of our locations are seeing same store sales up over last year thanks to the local store marketing efforts we implemented."

Robert Andersen, President, Mooyah Burgers & Fries

“Duke’s Restaurant Marketing Cookbook is ingenious; she gives you the recipes, the directions and the ingredients – all you have to do is mix it up for success! Recipes for Restaurateurs lays it all out there; it’s practical, readable and extremely applicable for all types of restaurant marketers…a must read!”

Cathy Clark, Director of Marketing, Tavistock Restaurants

"Opening a restaurant is the easy part—keeping the doors open and the seats filled is where it gets tricky. By starting with Linda Duke's innovative marketing recipes, restaurateurs can add their own ingredients and customize everything from grand openings to loyalty programs.  Not everyone can afford to hire a PR and marketing expert, but now everyone can afford restaurant-specific, real-world advice."

Nancy Weingartner, Executive Editor, Franchise Times

“Recipes for Restaurateurs” is an incredible resource for not only those looking to enter the restaurant business, but for those that have been running restaurants for years.”

Sarah Grover, Senior Vice President Marketing and Public Relations, California Pizza Kitchen

“This cookbook is a great format: Informative, succinct and to the point, perfect for today’s time crunched decision makers!”

George Katakalidis, Founder, CEO,

Daphne’s Greek Café Restaurants

“I wanted to let you know how much I loved your book, Recipes for Restaurateurs! I am a soon-to-be graduating restaurant student and thought this was a great tool to have. I had concerns about my current restaurant marketing job and wow, did it help me! It gave me a new insight to the industry and presented tools in marketing that I would have never thought of. This should be one of our textbooks at school! It is definitely a must read for restaurant students and a great resource to have after graduation!”

Stephanie Rivoli, San Diego State University School of Hospitality


Me-N-Ed'sPizza, an 85-unit restaurant chain based in Fresno, California, purchased Recipes for Restaurateurs for each of their restaurants and had Duke provide a three hour local store marketing training session for their general managers in September, 2008.  “We wanted to get our GM’s fired-up about the fourth quarter and to get out of their four walls and drive sales,” said Tom Ferdinandi, EVP, Milano Restaurants.  “Recipes for Restaurateurs gave them the tools needed to make sales in their 3-5 mile radius and we’re seeing results.”

Boston’s Pizza International, Canada's number one casual dining brand with more than 315 restaurants, purchased Duke’s book for some of their operators and community managers in Ontario in November 2008.  “There has never been a resource like this marketing cookbook,” said Nya Abel, Community RelationsManager, Boston Pizza International.  “It’s a great resource/tool for our operators and community managers. Recipes for Restaurateurs has great local marketing programs with easy to execute ideas that are ideal for some of our markets.”

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