Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook-

Recipes for Restaurateurs TM

What type of results can I expect?

The recipes within the cookbook will contribute to increasing awareness, generating trial or new guests, increased frequency of existing guests, increasing check averages and increasing sales overall for any restaurant.


Results will vary depending on how the recipes are implemented and more importantly—the best marketing can ruin a bad operation. Meaning, if a restaurant’s food, service and cleanliness are lacking, a great promotion or event that creates awareness and generates trial won’t be successful.  The unhappy guests will spread the word and damage the business.  The best results will occur when the recipes are done at restaurants which have excellent food, service and clean operations.


For the best results, begin with scheduling certain days and times for you and your restaurant team to focus on marketing. Restaurant operators have certain days the food is delivered and a schedule for  labor, inventory and payroll.  So why don’t they schedule their time for marketing efforts each week?


Once you determine a recipe to execute, use an integrated marketing approach.  For instance, add public relations, an email blast, print and broadcast advertising and point of purchase materials along with an incentive program or contest for staff or franchisees.  By combining all these ingredients together your restaurant sales will start to cook!


Overtime, the more recipes you and your team execute the easier they are.  Staff will be used to repeating the components, and if recipes are done consistently over time, at least a period of a year they will garner the most rewards—sales increases. These recipes are intended to be done over time. Not for a quick fix. However, there are recipes included in this cookbook which provide ideas for increasing lunch sales and boosting guest counts or check averages, which can be implemented in a timely manner to solve particular challenges.


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