Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook-

Recipes for Restaurateurs TM

Who benefits from reading it?

Restaurant Executives:  “Recipes for Restaurateurs” is a must-have resource for any restaurant owner, operator, general manager, or franchisee, looking for easy to follow and execute recipes (marketing programs), with instructions (a tactical guide), and ingredients needed to build sales.


New Restaurant Owners:  “Recipes for Restaurateurs” provides sure-fire ways to generate sales before, during and after the grand opening of any restaurant with easy to execute step-by-step tactics.


Restaurant Marketers:  “Recipes for Restaurateurs” is a ready to use marketing manual for any restaurant marketing executive.   These step-by-step recipes (marketing programs) can be easily executed by marketers at each restaurant location, and provides a template to create their own variations of each recipe.


Chef-rateurs & Culinary Professionals:  “Recipes for Restaurateurs” gives chefs, or “chef-rateurs” (chef’s who plan to open or run their own restaurant), and culinary professionals an understanding of marketing and sales driving programs and how they can assist in creating promotions from the “back of the house” to sales in the “front of the house”.  Recipes include how to get ready for a live cooking demonstration on TV, how to make great food for photography, do’s and don’t for interviews and more.


Franchisees:  “Recipes for Restaurateurs” provides step by step local store marketing programs for franchisees of restaurant brands which can easily be executed at their own restaurant.


Educators: Teaching professionals with curriculum in business and marketing, culinary and hospitality can utilize the recipes and case studies within “Recipes for Restaurateurs” to educate students with the understanding and know-how to execute sales driving marketing programs in the real world.


Students: “Recipes for Restaurateurs” provides students studying business, marketing, culinary programs and hospitality an understanding and know-how to execute sales driving market programs in the real world and giving them an edge to get into the restaurant business.


Retail Operators and Entrepreneurs:  “Recipes for Restaurateurs” provides step by step local store marketing programs that any small business owner or retail operator can easily create variations in the recipes to fit their own business and execute these sales driving tactics.


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